I started this small business of mine in December of 2017 as a freshman in college. With the intent to just keep myself busy with a hobby over Christmas break, I am blown away at how it has prospered into so much more. Over the years I have expanded; adding on earrings, bracelets and now rings. I am excited to take my next steps with all of you and witness how Rays Beadiful Things continues to unfold and grow in the seasons to come.


In 2019 Rays Beadiful Things started up an annual donation between the months of June and November. A percentage of sales collected within those six months is divided between selected ministries and organizations to help families around the holidays. If you have any recommendations of organizations or ministries, please contact me with their information!


meet the designer

Hey, I'm Rachel! I am the face and hands behind Rays Beadiful Things. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion to create. From building shelves & staining necklace stands, to designing and hand making the jewelry, every part of this business has my name written all over it. I am always working on a new project and crafting. In between graduate school and weekends nannying, this business has been one I wouldn't trade for the word. I am who I am and where I am today because of my unwavering faith that the Lord will lead me and provide. I am blown away and so thankful for the endless encouragement and support I have received along this journey. 
Over the past 6 years it has been such a thrill, and a privilege to grow my business. I am now a graduate student at the University of West Georgia, & while juggling academics, extracurriculars and my small business is a challenge, I am embracing the chaos and finding joy in my day to day.