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Hey there! 
My name is Rachel Hassenboehler, owner and designer of Rays Beadiful Things. I started this small business of mine on a whim in December of 2017 as a freshman in college. With the intent to just keep myself busy with a hobby over Christmas break, I am blown away at how it has prospered into so much more. After many inquiries about my designs, I decided to start selling locally in my small town of Carrollton, Georgia. I started out only making necklaces, however over the years I have expanded; adding on earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings to my jewelry line. I am blown away and so thankful for the endless encouragement and support I have received along this journey. For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion to create. From building the shelves & staining necklace displays, to designing and hand making the jewelry, every part of this business has my hand in it.  I strive to make high quality jewelry with every style in mind; created to make every girl feel beautiful inside and out! I am excited to take these next steps with all of you and witness how Rays Beadiful Things continues to unfold and grow in the seasons to come. Over the past six years it has been such a thrill, and a privilege to grow my business alongside all of you. Outside of this business, I am a Speech Language Pathologist in Carroll County Schools. While juggling work, being fully present with family and running my business can be a challenge at times, I am embracing the chaos and finding joy in my day to day.




In December of 2017 as a freshman in college I went to my local craft supply store and found materials to make myself a necklace. I saw one online I loved but just didn't have it in me to spend as much as they were asking LOL. A friend of mine reached out online when she saw the necklace I made, asking if I would make one for her. From that moment on my business began to take shape! With this simple intent in mind, I never imaginied I would be given the opportunity to share my designs with thousands of other people over the next several years. I am blown away and so grateful for how it has prospered into so much more! 


In 2019 Rays Beadiful Things started an annual donation to give back to those in the community. A percentage of sales collected throughout the year are divided between local ministries and organizations. I would love to branch out! If you have any recommendations of organizations or ministries, please contact me with their information.

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